Honoring the Normalization of Dementia

December 28, 2014

Commentary on Could 2015 Become The Year of The “New Normal”?
Published by Dr. Al Power, ChangingAging Contributor on December 19, 2014

Since the opening of The Vicarage doors, we have been honoring the normalization of dementia it is written in our mission statement..

“The Vicarage setting creates a culture of dementia by embracing and respecting the individual reality of each person who lives with us. Staff honor the residents’ experiences. The normalization of dementia experience is what defines The Vicarage culture, creating an environment where social stigmas regarding dementing illnesses are lessened. Such normalization allows for continued growth and preservation of residents’ dignity and the continued development of personal relationships among peers and staff.”


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Johanna Wigg, PhD

Johanna provides professional counseling to families in transition. She meets with families and their loved ones regularly. She lives at The Vicarage and works hands on with each resident, giving her a thorough understanding of each resident’s needs. She does regular assessments on each resident to ensure that they continue to receive the personalized care they deserve and need.

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