Opening Doors for those
Living with Dementia

Authentic Dementia Care Perched on the shores of Casco Bay

Home-cooked meals, children playing, beloved pets, vegetables growing in the garden, family outings, and nature walks on our Freedrom Trail.

The Vicarage is the only home in Maine offering true, person-centered dementia care based on the Eden Alternative.

Less stress, more comfort, and no more transitions - from now until the end of life.

Long-term Dementia Care for those Living with Memory Loss

The Vicarage by the Sea is a residential, long-term, dementia care home for those living with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s Disease. We are located on the scenic shores of Casco Bay, nestled in Harpswell, Maine.

By offering a holistic environment which encompasses elders, their families, the community, and the natural world around us, The Vicarage provides a greater quality of life than traditional nursing homes & institutions and is an affordable alternative for families who seek to enrich the lives of their loved ones.

Our philosophy believes that every human being deserves the opportunity to grow, regardless of age or ailment. The Vicarage provides genuine dementia care emphasizing the well-being of each resident's mind, body and soul.

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