Logo of "the vicarage by the sea" celebrating its 25th anniversary, featuring an illustration of two people standing at an open door looking out to the sea, symbolizing support for individuals living with dementia.

Our Home: The Vicarage Through the Seasons

The Vicarage is a small, residential dementia care home perched on the shores of beautiful, private Curtis Cove in Harpswell, Maine. The home is situated on a wooded lot with lovely flower gardens and a bird garden in the back. The Vicarage offers single and double rooms overlooking the ocean and beautiful gardens.

Creating a home environment, where residents can age in place, is the philosophy of The Vicarage. Stability in residence, relationships and routine eliminates the stress of transitions for the person living with dementia, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.

(Soft instrumental music is playing throughout a video tour of Vicarage by The Sea.)

Freedom Trail

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The Vicarage by the Sea isn’t an institution trying to duplicate a home-like environment. We are home. It’s the foundation of who we are and the heart of our specialized dementia care.


The Vicarage mission recognizes the human need and desire regardless of age or ailment for connection with the beauty of nature and its healing properties. (Whitehouse et al. 2012) This is why we worked to build The Freedom Trail in 2013.


The Freedom trail, a handicapped accessible path, meanders through woods and ends at a sitting area overlooking Casco Bay. This gives residents a safe, serene & private place to reflect and enjoy the stunning natural beauty. During the warmer months, our residents enjoy oceanside picnics.

(Footsteps can be heard as the camera takes you on a first-person perspective walking tour down the “Freedom Trail” at Vicarage by the Sea.)

The Virtual Tour​

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Summer & Winter Grounds

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Winter at the Vicarage

(Soft instrumental music is playing throughout the video tour of the summer & winter grounds of Vicarage by The Sea.)

We Have Grown

Home Cooked Meals

We offer three home cooked meals each day, as well as snacks. The meal plans incorporate residents’ food preferences and favorite recipes. Our menu offers local seafood, including fresh Maine lobster from Casco Bay. During holidays such as Christmas and Easter, traditional meals are presented and residents’ families often attend with their loved ones.

Diabetic and vegetarian meals are also available. We cater to residents’ food restrictions because of religious, cultural or other reasons. We make notes of any food dislikes and accommodate. If desired, the resident may help with the meal preparation. It is not uncommon to visit The Vicarage and find staff and residents working together on delicious desserts.

Pets Welcome

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We have welcomed many pets, from a set of dachshunds who were sisters, to a set of cats who provided their mother unconditional love. Some of these pets outlived their owners, but continued to reside at The Vicarage, offering care and love to other residents in need of four pawed support.
A young staff member and a resident walk with a golden retriever on a garden path at The Vicarage by the Sea


The Vicarage is family-owned and operated. As such, an important aspect of our philosophy is creating a multi-generational home environment that enhances the overall well-being of its residents. When you visit The Vicarage, you’ll see babies, children & adult children who have all grown up at the Vicarage – each person providing love & care to the residents in their own special way.

Two young children and an elderly resident sitting at a kitchen table with plates of food at The Vicarage by the Sea