Logo of "the vicarage by the sea" celebrating its 25th anniversary, featuring an illustration of two people standing at an open door looking out to the sea, symbolizing support for individuals living with dementia.

Our History:
Celebrating 25 Years

Esther Peterson, the grandmother of Johanna Wigg, sits in a white chair on a porch.

Esther, an artist and gentle soul, retained her graceful demeanor and awareness of beauty in the natural world throughout her illness.

The Vicarage By The Sea was founded with the desire to make a difference for those living with dementia.

Dr. Johanna Wigg, Ph.D., cared for her grandmother with dementia, Esther Peterson, while in graduate school. The experience sparked a passionate, lifelong commitment to honoring those with this disease.

Early research represented those with dementia as human shells who had lost their identities when memory failed. As a result, Dr. Wigg and Cheryl set out to improve the social and psychological realms for elders living with dementia. By offering empathic, holistic care in a non-institutional setting, they transformed a bed and breakfast into a person-centered home for long-term dementia care.

Today, their vision continues.

An illustration of a purple pansy

The Vicarage After 25 Years