Our Mission

"Genuine care requires us to recognize within each beating heart the need to grow, within each weakened limb the yearning for action, within each mind the desire to do as well as be." William Thomas

Founded in 1998, Johanna and Cheryl desired to create a difference in the lives of those living with dementia. Our philosophy believes that every human being deserves the opportunity to grow, regardless of age or ailment.

The Vicarage provides genuine care based on a psycho-social model, emphasizing the well-being of each resident’s mind, body and spirit. By honoring the resident’s spirit within, caregivers provide exceptional comfort and care to each resident.

The Vicarage setting creates a culture of dementia by embracing and respecting the individual reality of each person who lives with us. Staff honor the residents’ experiences. The normalization of dementia experience is what defines The Vicarage culture, creating an environment where social stigmas regarding dementing illnesses are lessened. Such normalization allows for continued growth and preservation of residents’ dignity and the continued development of personal relationships among peers and staff.

“The power of a culture stems from the fact that when people are immersed in it, the framework that it provides seems self evident. What nature is to creatures governed by instinct, culture is to human beings” (Thomas Kitwood 1995).

The Vicarage seeks to enrich the quality of life of each individual, by offering empathic, holistic care in a home environment. The Vicarage culture allows residents to age in place, while educating, involving, supporting and guiding their families and loved ones through each transition, to the end of each day and to the end of each life.


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