The Vicarage: A Skilled Memory Care Facility

February 23, 2015

Selecting a Memory Care Facility

Making the choice to send a loved one to a memory care facility is not an easy decision or one that should be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider, such as the level of care provided, transitions your family member might have to make as their disease progresses, how much it will cost, what will insurance cover or how far the facility is from your home.

It can be a very challenging time as you, the caregiver, try to balance work, family life & commitments, taking care of your loved one while looking at the different options available. In addition, you may struggle with promises made in the past to your loved one about “never putting them in a nursing home”, adding emotional considerations in addition to the logistics of Memory Care. Here at The Vicarage, we understand the anguish that you may be facing when making this transition. We have worked with families, just like yours, for many years and know the questions you have.

At The Vicarage by the Sea, we are different than the large, corporate memory care facilities you often find. We are smaller and more intimate. Our resident to staff ratio is
4 to 1 which allows us to provide a high level of individualized care to our residents. We are continually educating our staff, are licensed by the State of Maine and continually strive to offer the best dementia care we possibly can. Our residents, both current and past, are a testimony that our philosophy is proven and that residents can still have a wonderful quality of life to the very end of their life.memory care facility in maine

Our Memory Care Facility Staff

Johanna Wigg, PhD, Social Gerontologist

As a specialist in her field, Johanna is dedicated to emphasizing the wellbeing of each resident’s mind, body and spirit. By honoring the resident’s spirit within, she
ensures that the caregivers at the Vicarage provide exceptional comfort and care to each resident. Her memory care qualifications are extensive, as well as her hands on
experience working with both residents and families.

Certified Dementia Care Specialists

Our staff members are certified Dementia Care Professionals of America (DCPA). They have received highly specialized training from the Alzheimer’s Foundation with hands on experience that enhances their knowledge and qualification to work with those living with dementing illnesses. This training and certification aligns them with the DCPA’s mission:

“to provide optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families—through member organizations dedicated to improving quality of life.”

They are the backbone of our care giving.

Certified Nursing Assistants & Certified Residential Aides

Our Certified Nursing Assistants work hand in hand with our Certified Residential Aids. Each provides quality resident care under the direction of our Dementia Care
Specialists. They perform daily personal support such as feeding, dressing, and grooming.

Regular Physician Visits

Dr. Howe of Parkview Adventist Hospital makes regular home visits to The Vicarage. His visits assure excellent medical supervision and support for each resident. Dr.
Howe is invested in the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health of each individual.

Bi-Weekly Resident Assessments

Dementing illnesses can change rapidly. Our Dementia Care staff work together, led by Johanna Wigg, PhD, to review and revise each individual’s service plan. This allows the staff to ensure your loved one is receiving specialized one-on-one care that meets their specific needs.

Skilled Memory Care Facility

State of Maine Licensed

We are a Licensed Residential Care Facility through the State of Maine. Our facility meets the state’s requirements of providing a “house..that is maintained…for the
purpose of providing residents with assisted living services.” Our specialization in dementia care seeks to meet the unique needs of those living with dementing illnesses.

Our home provides specialized programs, services and activities for this population. In addition, the entire environment is secured through motion detectors, alerting staff when a resident is in need of exiting or entering the home.

End of Life Care

With the many safeguards we have in place, we are committed to providing “ageing in place” care. Our residents are able to remain at The Vicarage throughout their
ageing process, without facing additional transitions. End of life care is offered to our residents, emphasizing palliative care and hospice-like medical supervision.

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Johanna Wigg, PhD

Johanna provides professional counseling to families in transition. She meets with families and their loved ones regularly. She lives at The Vicarage and works hands on with each resident, giving her a thorough understanding of each resident’s needs. She does regular assessments on each resident to ensure that they continue to receive the personalized care they deserve and need.

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