Logo of "the vicarage by the sea" celebrating its 25th anniversary, featuring an illustration of two people standing at an open door looking out to the sea, symbolizing support for individuals living with dementia.

"Anna's Testimonial" Transcript

My Mom is an individual. She’s one-of-a-kind. She’s got a temper. She has hearing issues. She has some dementia and she has mobility issues. So…that’s hard for the average staff to get a handle on because it’s very difficult to communicate with her, right? But she’s very strong-minded, she’s very strong-willed, so it’s been a really good fit. Where she was before, she wasn’t getting the kind of care she needed in that every time she fell she went to the hospital and then she got on opioids and then she was sent back and then she was isolated and she wasn’t connecting with the people around her. So, we went looking for a new place and we came here and it was just a dream place for her because she always loved being outside, she loved nature, and it’s a family setting and she was safe here and she felt secure. It was just amazing so we knew it was the place for her. I really think, ideally, parents should age in a family setting. My Mom just wants to be near family but it’s not possible. It just can’t happen and this is a really good substitute because the staff and the other residents become family. And so they give a lot of the comforts you would get in a family setting.