Logo of "the vicarage by the sea" celebrating its 25th anniversary, featuring an illustration of two people standing at an open door looking out to the sea, symbolizing support for individuals living with dementia.

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Making a transition to long-term memory care can be difficult for families and their loved ones. At the Vicarage, residents enjoy the comfort and care provided by wonderful staff, from early stage through the end of life. The Vicarage creates stability in residents’ relationships and routines by removing the stress of transitions. Aging in place strengthens their overall well-being.
At The Vicarage we want to help families and their loved ones by offering a free consultation.
Johanna M. Wigg, PhD, social gerontologist, and co-founder of The Vicarage, is also an independent memory care consultant. She provides professional counseling to families in transition.
If you are looking for a home for your loved one, please consider contacting and visiting The Vicarage. We offer compassionate, long-term care for those living with progressive neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s-like disorders. Our superior staff to resident ratio of one to four guarantees the best care for our residents. Fill out the following form to join our waitlist. Everyone is added in the order the information is received.

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