Dementia Residents Benefit from Yoga

December 12, 2016
dementia yoga

John, a resident at The Vicarage by the Sea, practices yoga with teacher Kara Douglas on a warm fall day.

The Vicarage partners with Fishmoon Yoga

The benefits of practicing yoga are many. For those living with dementing illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, yoga can be a vital tool to reduce stress, manage anxiety and provide a gentle form of exercise. Yoga can also aide in a stronger immune system.

The Vicarage by the Sea has partnered with Fishmoon Yoga to provide a gentle yoga practice for those living with dementia.

Kara Douglas, Fishmoon’s founder, has been practicing yoga since 1998. Her gentleness and love of nature ties in beautifully with the mission of our dementia care home.

Providing residents with the opportunity to participate in yoga is just another way The Vicarage by the Sea seeks to offer person centered dementia care.


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