Dementia Bill of Rights

April 30, 2015

By offering a holistic environment which encompasses elders, their families, the community, and the natural world around us, The Vicarage has proven that this philosophy in Dementia care provides a higher quality of life to its residents. We are advocates for the care of a vulnerable population in American society, passionately showing that those living with memory loss can be cared for in a more humane manner, far greater than traditional assisted living or nursing home settings.

Dementia Bill of Rights

Every person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia deserves:

  • To be informed of one’s diagnosis
  • To have appropriate, ongoing medical care
  • To be treated as an adult, listened to, and afforded respect for one’s feelings and point of view
  • To be with individuals who know one’s life story, including cultural and spiritual traditions
  • To experience meaningful engagement throughout the day
  • To live in a safe and stimulating environment
  • To be outdoors on a regular basis
  • To be free from psychotropic medications whenever possible
  • To have welcomed physical contact, including hugging, caressing, and handholding
  • To be an advocate for oneself and for others
  • To be part of a local, global, or online community
  • To have care partners well trained in dementia care

The Best Friends Dementia Bill of Rights was copywritten in 2013. Read more about it here: 

dementia bill of rights

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Johanna Wigg, PhD

Johanna provides professional counseling to families in transition. She meets with families and their loved ones regularly. She lives at The Vicarage and works hands on with each resident, giving her a thorough understanding of each resident’s needs. She does regular assessments on each resident to ensure that they continue to receive the personalized care they deserve and need.

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