Logo of "the vicarage by the sea" celebrating its 25th anniversary, featuring an illustration of two people standing at an open door looking out to the sea, symbolizing support for individuals living with dementia.

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The patio at the Vicarage, overlooking the bay

A Testimonial from Kim Heist

My father spent the last few months of his life at the Vicarage. I only wish we’d found this amazing place sooner. He had been living in a fairly large “retirement village,” which attempted to support him but did not come close to providing the caring and connection that the Vicarage was able to bring to his life in a very short time.

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A man assisting another man with a walker in a garden.

Person-Centered Approach to Dementia Care

Julia Mehlman will graduate in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Psychology from Bowdoin College. For the past eight months, she has been volunteering at our dementia care home, The Vicarage by the Sea. She recently shared her reflections on our philosophy of a person centered approach to dementia care.

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Dr. Johanna Wigg, co-founder of The Vicarage by the Sea

Understanding Dementia: Q&A with Dr. Wigg

Dementia is a syndrome that comprises any number of different symptoms that people live with. The most common symptom people associate with dementia are challenges with memory and confusion, but it can also include challenges with physical ability and movement, the use of language, control of emotions and communication.

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