Vicarage Staff

Johanna M. Wigg, PhD, social gerontologist, is also an independent consultant.

She provides professional counseling to families in transition. She meets with families and their loved ones regularly. She lives at The Vicarage and works hands on with each resident, giving her a thorough understanding of each resident’s needs. She does regular assessments on each resident to ensure that they continue to receive the personalized care they deserve and need.  Johanna’s CV

Cheryl Golek, Dementia Care Specialist, lives and works at The Vicarage.  Her ability to relate with each resident regularly gives her a unique understanding of the resident’s needs. She helps create personalized care plans for each resident. She is in charge of meal preparation and the dietetic needs of each individual at The Vicarage.  She is also a certified residential medication aid.

Timothy Howe, MD at The Vicarage By The SeaTimothy Howe, MD, a physician at nearby Parkview Hospital provides in-house medical care for residents of the Vicarage. He has many years experience in Internal Medicine and provides expert care for our residents.  He is on-call at all times and makes monthly house calls to oversee the medical health of each resident.

Support staff at The Vicarage are a unique group of individuals.  They share a desire to learn and understand new concepts.  Each staff person commits to caring for the well-being of each resident’s mind, body and soul.  Vicarage administration provides bi- weekly in-service trainings on each resident, updating staff on residents’ needs. They receive readings to constantly educate and improve their understanding of people living with dementing illnesses. The staff ratio at The Vicarage is 1 to 4 on all shifts, providing staff the opportunity to give personalized care.  Staff are also certified in medication administration, per state regulation.